The Aim

Our aim is for less children to experience tooth decay, pain, sleepless night and time off school. We aim to improve awareness of the importance of good oral and dental health through supporting the work of parents at home and helping every child to grow up free from tooth decay by supporting healthy habits. We aim to do this by providing 3 core elements:

Regular daily tooth brushing with an appropriate fluoride toothpaste is a highly effective in preventing dental decay. The children are taught by dental professionals the correct method of toothbrushing and a daily toothbrushing routine is factored into their day.

Learning about good oral health care at an early age can benefit children throughout their lives. Dental disease can be prevented and healthy teeth can last a lifetime. We stress the importance of limiting the amount and length of time sugary  foods and drinks is in contact with our teeth throughout the day and we demonstrate how this can damage our teeth.

Each child is provided with a dental support pack to encourage good oral health at home. Each pack contains a toothbrush, 2 minute timer and oral health messages.

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