Who We Are


Super Smiles is a non profit making charity which provides Oral Health Education and support to children and their families. We promote a holistic approach to healthy living by teaching children an important skill ‘BRUSHING FOR LIFE‘

Dentist Sarah Pollard and Dental Hygienist Caroline Wetherall founded Super Smiles in 2012. A dedicated Super Smiles committee and staff within local primary schools and nurseries provides fantastic support to enable us to carry out this programme. The Dental Health Education Programme is designed to educate and improve the oral health of children in Jersey. This has been done by introducing a daily tooth brushing programme into preschool and primary school settings and currently supports over 1800 children.

Did You Know?

One quarter of 5 year olds have tooth decay with an average of 3 or 4 teeth being affected, this is all PREVENTABLE!

The Programme

The programme provides children and carers with the appropriate information and skills to develop good oral health habits.These good habits have a positive impact on reducing poor oral hygiene, dental disease, heart disease and obesity.

"The charity’s commitment to exemplary child care oral health and education was evident to the judges.”


Sarah and Caroline have carried out all of the above work over the past few years voluntarily. The money to provide the material costs has been raised in various ways, through donations from local charitable foundations to holding their own fundraising sessions by making sports mouth guards for children and adults.

In November 2017 their hard work was recognised by winning the category ‘Best Community Initiative‘ at the Oral Health Awards 2017 in London. This was held by the award winning dental communications company FMC.  This ceremony recognises excellence in oral health promotion and care offered by dental teams and individuals throughout the UK and Ireland.

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